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Tue, Jul 23, 2019
Benton County Iowa

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Iowa Code

Noxious WeedsChapter 317, Section 1A, Code of Iowa

Weed Commissioner – Standards for Noxious Weed Control- Chapter 317, Section 3, Code of Iowa

Direction and Control- Chapter 317, Section 4, Code of Iowa

Weeds in Abandoned CemeteriesChapter 317, Section 5, Code of Iowa

Entering Land to Destroy Weeds -- NoticeChapter 317, Section 6, Code of Iowa

Report to Board- Chapter 317, Section 7, Code of Iowa

Duty of Owner or Tenant- Chapter 317, Section 10, Code of Iowa

Failure to Comply- Chapter 317, Section 16, Code of Iowa

Cost of Weed Destruction- Chapter 317, Section 21, Code of Iowa

Duty of Highway Maintenance Personnel- Chapter 317, Section 22, Code of Iowa