Tue, Jan 28, 2020
Benton County Iowa

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There are many free resources available to those that wish to learn more about prairie restoration, reconstruction and integrated roadside vegetation management. A small list of these can be found below.

Benton County Integrated Roadside Vegetation Management Plan

-This resource explains how the Benton County IRVM program operates.

Benton County Conservation Newsletter

- The Benton County IRVM Program publishes articles in the Benton County Conservation Newsletter.

Integrated Roadside Vegetation Management Technical Manual

-This resource provides an in depth look at IRVM practices.

Managing Roadsides for Bees and Butterflies

-Provides information about roadside prairie restorations and their importance to native pollinators.

Milkweed Information Sheet

-Provides information on Iowa’s native milkweed species.

Gardening for Monarchs

-Provides information on how to create gardens to support monarch butterflies.

Tallgrass Prairie Center REAP-CEP Videos

-Provides information on how to design a native seed mix, plan a prairie reconstruction and calibrate a seed drill.

Prairie Moon Nursery

-Provides excellent plant photos and information that help in identifying native plants.

How to Grow a Prairie

-Provides information on how to restore native prairie

How to Germinate Seed Based Upon Seed Codes

-Prairie Moon Nurseries guide on how to germinate native seed based upon seed codes.