Fri, Feb 21, 2020
Benton County Iowa

Dust Control

Dust control may be placed on gravel roads within Benton County at the expense of the resident. Benton County personnel can apply one form of control (MC-70) through the county but other forms are available through private businesses.

In order to place any dust control on a road, a resident must obtain a Dust Control Permit. MC-70 permits are available through the Benton County Engineer's Office and the private companies will have permits for their dust control. After obtaining a permit, county personnel will prepare your road for the dust control and will not blade through the areas as long as it is maintained in an acceptable manner by the resident. Permits are normally valid until the end of October when Benton County starts to ready the roads for winter. Permits may be mailed, faxed, emailed, or dropped off at the office, and must contain proper payment to be considered valid.

MC-70 dust control may be exempted the following year after applied if still in good condition. The dust control must be maintained in an acceptable manner by the resident. It can only be exempted for one year and residents must obtain a permit for exemption. These permits are due at the same time as the new dust control permits. 

**The deadline for Dust Control has passed for 2019.

Exemption permits will be available in the Spring of 2020 after dust controls have gone through the winter months.