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Benton County Iowa

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Absentee Voting

To request an Absentee Ballot, print, complete and sign the Absentee Ballot Request Form and return to:

Benton County Auditor

PO Box 549

Vinton, IA 52349-0549

Track your absentee ballot: Check the status of your absentee ballot.

  • Each request form must include: the registered voter's name, signature, date of birth, the address at which the voter is registered to vote and the name or date of the election for which the absentee ballot is requested. These items are marked with an asterisk (*) on the Absentee Ballot Request form. Other items on the form assist the auditor in processing your absentee ballot request.

  • Submit your request for an absentee ballot as soon as you know you will be unable to vote at the polls. Your County Auditor must receive the completed request to mail no later than 5:00 p.m. on the Friday before the election or you may vote in person at the Auditor's Office until the close of business on the Monday before the election.

  • Only one person may request a ballot on a request form. Two or more people cannot share a request form.

  • The auditor will mail you a ballot within 24 hours of receiving your request form OR within 24 hours of when the ballots are available.