Fri, Feb 21, 2020
Benton County Iowa

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Drivers License Issuance: Please verify hours by location:

Vinton Courthouse  - (319) 472-2450

Motor Vehicle and Tax Departments:

8am-4:30pm Monday thru Friday.

Driver's License:

8:30am - 4:00pm: Monday thru Friday (enter in the west door, first office to your right)

Written tests must be started before 3:30pm

Written CDL testing must be started by 3pm.

Driving Tests: Tuesday by appointment only

No CDL or Motorcycle drive exams

CAUTION: a new online drivers license renewal application became available 7-22-2013 thru the DOT website . However, make sure you are on the Official DOT site; there have been numerous reports of customers attempting this online renewal and not realizing they were on a bogus site that charges fees and does NOT renew the license. 

You can find multiple State of Iowa forms for Driver's License and Motor Vehicle at .