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Fri, Apr 28, 2017
Benton County Iowa

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Engineering & Secondary Roads

The Benton County Secondary Roads Department is responsible for creating and maintaining a quality, safe and cost-effective roadway system.

Benton County is home to 1,249 miles of roads and 327 bridges.  In order to maintain these roads efficiently, the county is divided into 13 maintenance districts.  Each district has a maintainer operator who works out of a local shop and is responsible for upkeep of roads in these areas.  The Secondary Roads Department maintains 234 miles of hard surfaced roads, 925 miles of gravel roads and 90 miles of dirt roads.

**Dust Control (MC-70) through the County is now available through May 5th 2017. Permits may be found under the Permit Page and sent with payment to the County Secondary Roads department at 1707 W 1st Street Vinton.

Benton County Secondary Roads