Belle Plaine Driver's License will be closed February 7, 2018.

Tue, Jan 23, 2018
Benton County Iowa

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Sheriff's Office


Iowa State Sheriff’s and Deputies Association
Victim Information and Notification Everyday 
Iowa Law Enforcement Academy 
Federal Bureau of Investigation
Iowa Missing Person Clearing House
Iowa Sex Offender Registry/notifications 

Sex Offender Registration
Call for Appointment 319-472-2337, option 2 then 1 and ask for Rusty, Amy, Phil or Dennis OR Option 6 and then 2 for Detective Jerry Michael.  

Current Job Openings - There are currently postings for part time Correctional Officer, Communications Specialist.
Applications should be submitted to the Benton County Sheriff’s Office at 113 East 3rd Street, Vinton, Iowa in person or by mail.

Vehicle Salvage Inspections
By appointment only.  Call 319-472-2337 to schedule an appointment with Sheriff Tippett at option 4 or Deputy Ferguson at option 5.  $50.00 fee per vehicle.

Driving records
You can request a printout of your record at the Communications Window.  Fee: $7.50 CASH ONLY.  EXACT CHANGE PLEASE.

House checks
To have someone check on your residence when you are out of town or gone for a period of time. Contact dispatch/communications at 319-472-2337, option 1 to set this up.

Contact jail staff for an appointment at 319-472-2337, option 2.  $25.00 fee for out of county residents. CASH ONLY PLEASE, EXACT CHANGE.


Work Release Agreement
Employment Application 
Bonding Agencies